Winston’s British Fish N Chips was created by Timothy Johnson. Back in the 1960’s as a young boy, growing up in Portland, Oregon, a one-of-a-kind new restaurant opened up offering authentic British Fish N Chips. The name of that restaurant was “Enry Beazley’s Fish N Chips”. Timothy was gobsmacked by the quality of the food, and the whole British style and flair of the restaurant. The impact of that never left Timothy’s heart… Later in life, and about to retire from a life-long career from another Company he and his beloved wife Betty launched in the year 2000, Timothy was smitten with the idea of combining his childhood dream of serving authentic British Faire food — through the venue of the fast-rising popularity of Mobile Food Carts. At 66 years old, the business was launched — at the same age Harlan Sanders was when he launched Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Timothy had the help of one of the best British Chef”s in the business to help him craft the menu, and the processes to offer outstanding, authentic British Fish N Chips! Timothy will forever be grateful for the love, friendship, and mentoring he received to help lay the right foundation to build a great National Chain of Mobile Restaurants. In its very first year, Winston’s is shattering Food Trailer records in the Mobile Food Cart industry, and our future is bright!

We have dedicated Winston’s British Fish N Chips to one of Britain’s greatest heroes, Winston Churchill. During WW II, there was a very real chance that Fish N Chips, which is Britain’s beloved National Dinner, was in threat of being rationed out — as so many other food items were in that hour… The nation was in peril, waiting to find out if it would have to forfeit its favorite dinner, down to extreme scarcity. Winston Churchill was adamant about that very cause, knowing how much his fellow British citizens treasured their Fish N Chips! Winston Church was credited with saving Fish N Chips from rationing and helping build ever-needed momentum in the people, the armies, and the Government during such difficult times. He called British Fish N Chips “The Good Companion.” To Winston Churchill, we humbly, and lovingly give honor and recognition, to his name, and to the dinner he so loved!