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 Come And Enjoy Authentic British Faire!!

Our delicious SMOKY FISH CHOWDER is back on the menu!

Come and get your fill of this irresistible delight today! 

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Winston’s British Fish N Chips

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The wait line was inspiring and well worth every minute. Staff was friendly and
knowledgeable about food. Speaking of the food EXCELLENT! Fish cooked to perfection,
Chips had a crispy bite and they have malt vinegar available!!! The Winston’s Kings Feast
Sampler is my next venture

Sharon H.

Fish and chips. And smoked fish chowder very delicious. Worth the wait. Didn’t disappoint
and definitely going back again.

Rachel B

One of the best food experiences Ive ever had. The wings are fully on another level! The
fries are so good they didnt even need ketchup or salt or anything else. The fish was flaky,
fresh, delicious and that’s before I get to the batter! It was light, sweet and was awesome on
its own! The curry is great, and the chowder…….wowsa. go try it

Scott S

I’ve never tasted a fish chowder so fantastic! It had a smoked deliciousness

Gary V

Such a fun experience. Husband and I had to try this place. Food was so yummy and
fresh and obviously prepared by people with a passion for food. Portions were
generous – two giant pieces of fish, a giant pile of chips, and we got mushy peas,
curry sauce, and tartar sauce. Our wait for food was exactly an hour – and while I
suspect this time will decrease when they aren’t brand new, I imagine the wait will
always be slightly longer than a “fast food” place because you can tell they prepared
everything meticulously. The wait was worth it and we will definitely be back again

Ashley J.

I’m not a huge fish and chips person, my boyfriend is…but my god…these were the
best I’ve ever tried!! So crispy & delicious! The tartar sauce was on point as well!
Never thought about eating fish and chips with curry, but it was surprisingly yummy!!
I will definitely be dreaming about these, can’t wait to try everything else on the
menu! Five stars!!!

Rochelle C

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